Join Us to Help Stop The Plastic Tide

The crew of SY Sea Monkey are on a mission: to save our ocean from choking on plastic pollution. This is The Sea Monkeys story (and adventure) in the fight to turn the tide on plastic at the source. 

Everywhere we sailed since leaving Australia in 2015, we've found
something quite disturbing - plastic in every waterway, sea and on
every beach.
We can't let our ocean become one big disgusting plastic soup!
We couldn't just watch it happening and do nothing. So we created The Sea Monkey Project, plus a collaboration with Fuze Ecoteer to create cottage industries in villages where it's needed most. Starting with...
Building villages of versatility through recycled plastic diversity.
Collection of trash that kills our earth, cigarette butts, plastic, they are a curse!
Cleaning and washing and saving the good stuff, disposing respectfully of all we can't use!
We shred it, melt it and inject it into moulds...
Recycled plastic Green and Leatherback turtles are born, 
then trimmed, drilled and threaded into bespoke necklaces. 
And while the trash is being collected - the education programs objective is to avoid more trash taking its place.
When you unpack your Turtle, please wear it with pride, tell all of your friends, your support helps save the ocean and turning the tide! If you want a collection, there's many to choose from, and every Turtle means a better conclusion!
By purchasing a recycled plastic turtle, you are contributing directly to the entire process. If you would like to know more detail on the distribution of funds from each turtle sale, click anywhere on each illustrated step of the process above.
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