The Perhentian Island Cottage Industry Using Plastic Waste

The Sea Monkeys travelled to Perhentian Island off the East coast of Malaysia to train the Ecoteer volunteers and the locals from the village to use the plastic recycling machine.

The 3-in-1 set was purchased from us by American Express then donated to the Island to be used as a waste management tool and also create a cottage industry.

The Sea Monkeys at the 'Blue Temple' Conservation station. We hung out with the Perhentian Marine Research team during breakfast everyday.

They are currently creating an artificial reef by adding a thin concrete layer on used wine bottles then into a concrete block. Once placed underwater, they tie pieces of coral to the bottles so they grow around it to form a new reef.

Off to school we go... Not for us to learn, but to teach the volunteers and villagers how to operate the machines and show them how to make recycled plastic turtle necklaces.

Dad demonstrating the injection machine while Indi is on Mr Shred showing how it's done safely.

Now it's the ladies turn. The first batch didn't quite turn out well and everyone had a good

laugh. (See below - the dud batch on the left).

Second batch came out perfect and everyone was cheering!

It was fun teaching the women from the village how to trim and finish each recycled turtle pendant. These women's main job is to clean the village, so it was a different experience turning the discarded trash into something beautiful.

We were very proud of the quality and quantity of necklaces the ladies produced over the two days of training. This first batch is now for sale via our store with funds going back to the women from the village who made them.

Mum working hard in 'The Blue Temple' to get the website and store ready for launch day to sell the recycled turtle necklaces online.

when we weren't training the locals we had fun playing with the kittens that hung around the volunteer guest house we were staying in. We would open the door and the kittens would scurry in and make a beeline for the bed to wrestle. There were so many cats around we dubbed it 'Cat Island'.

The Sea Monkeys looking a little tired having to get up at dawn for the ferry ride back to the mainland. Next time we visit Perhentian it will be on our boat - Sea Monkey.

Getting the first batch of orders ready to be packed into the envelopes that mum cartooned all over. Turtles are being sent all over the world.

This cottage industry we have set up on Perhentian Island relies on the continuous sale

of these high value items to keep it going. If you are interested in supporting our mission or find out more click here.