Super Cool Customised Knives that are Made From 100% Upcycled Metals and Plastics!

We're excited to tell you that our machine number 21 is now placed at Earth Side Manufacturing in Kansas!

Chris makes these super cool customised knives that are made from 100% upcycled metals and plastics.They realised there is too much usable material in landfills after seeing a study of their own composition, so decided to try and do something in their own way about it. They work in many crafts including but not limited to: blacksmithing, 3-D printing, carving, painting, sewing, and digital design.

Find out more at Earth Side Manufacturing if you're interested in getting yourself a custom-made 100% upcycled knife. It is so inspiring and rewarding to see more people getting involved in upcycling waste with our 3-in-1 plastic upcycling machine and we look forward to seeing more of Chris and the team products as we all learn how to be more resourceful.