STRAWS - Stop motion by Indi Steenland

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Somewhere... in the oceans...there is something scarier than Steven Spielberg's Jaws franchise movies - scarier than the great White Shark itself. No. This horrible thing is STRAWS!

Releasing by the millions everyday into an ocean near you.

Plastic drinking straws are a real problem. They are usually never recycled and because they are light and buoyant - they find their way into gutters making their way into streams, rivers and finally into our Ocean. We see them floating around our boat and find thousands of them washed up on beaches around the world. By refusing plastic drinking straws, using your own steel straw and educating food and bevarage vendors to swap their plastic straws to a more eco based option, will all help wipe these scary plastic tubes off the face of the planet!

- Sydney & Indi Steenland