Single Use Plastic Should Be The First Plastics To Go

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Single use plastics should be the first thing the communities of every nation need to focus on eliminating. Not just because they are so dang lazy, with an average work life of just 15 minutes, but because they are the most common plastic found floating in our ocean and washed up on our beaches, killing our sea life and birdlife. The Sea Monkeys are targeting these plastics to be the focus of our education programs in the form of workshops, talks and fun educational comics for kids. If you have been following The Sea Monkey Project for a while, you may have noticed that we focus a LOT on disposable plastic straws. Plastic disposable drinking straws are one of the most common form of plastic litter we come across when walking along footpaths and the side of roads. We see them floating in streams and the marinas where we dock SY Sea Monkey. We believe that plastic straws are one of the most unnecessary single use plastics and are the easiest single use plastic to avoid.

All you need to do is say "No Straw Please" as you order and most of the time your drink will come without a straw. Or if you just can't drink your thickshake, smoothie or frappuccino without one, you can get around this dilemma by carrying your own steel or bamboo reusable straw. They even come with a little cleaner brush to get the hard to clean places inside the straw. As we are currently sailing through South East Asia, we have noticed that it's going to be a challenge to change the love affair the locals have with plastic disposable straws. Every food court we eat at or walk past, every table has disposable plastic straws sticking out of every cup.

On the surface, things are looking hopeful with The Malaysian Government issuing a ban on the use of plastic drinking straws in all the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur, as of Jan 1st 2019, but more needs to be done to enforce this ban as it's already May 2019 and no one seems to be taking this ban seriously. So we have initiated our own program called "No Straw Please" that aims to educate and initiate the phase out of plastic drinking straws in restaurants and food courts starting in Malaysia. We are also working closely with Malaysia's own Tak Nak Straw - meaning ‘No Straws’ to help push the community, food vendors and Government to go plastic straw free.

Below is our campaign poster:

Posted by Sydney Steenland