Recycle Machines Now on Perhentian Island

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Spreading our wings to Perhentian Island where interns from Ecoteer Perhentian Project & Perhentian Marine Research are now being trained to operate the machines and in turn will train and guide the local villagers. Many exciting plans are lining up for waste management & education here on the island!

The crew making the first batch of recycled plastic turtle necklaces using Perhentian Island waste. Sales from each turtle necklace will go toward sustaining the waste management program and plastic reduction education in the local school and community.

Plastic from Perhentian Island will be collected, cleaned and sorted and then turned into 100% Turtle necklaces. Many hotels and dive shops have expressed interest in selling the necklaces on their premises to for sale to tourists that visit the Island. We're also planning to export the handmade necklaces to Western countries to spread the word and help support the program here on the Island. Stay tuned for more updates on the Perhentian Island project.

Posted by Sarah Steenland