Ocean Plastic Recycling Project Update

We conducted an experiment recently, to see how many straws one restaurant can collect in 3 days/one week. And it did not fail. This picture shows what a Nasi Kandar restaurant in Penang, Malaysia collected in three days! YIKES RIGHT!

Double YIKES! This is the plastic forest from one week! They would have normally been throw in the bin or blown away into the nearby drain, but the workers at the restaurant were happy to help us by collecting, washing and storing the straws for us to collect. We will shred these up and melt them into something more longer lasting with our recycle machines.

If you just can’t do without a straw (because the cup is mostly filled with ice, like the ice lemon tea served in Malaysia), then bring your own reusable steel straw. It can be quite hard for the people to understand that you don’t want a straw, they think your crazy! We found that the best way to ensure we get our drink minus the plastic straw is to hand over our own steel straws to the person taking our order.

Other news on our war on ocean plastic. We discovered a website called preciousplastic.com created by Dave Hakkens. He has invented some very cool machines - one that shreds plastic (all types) and other machines that melt the shredded plastic and mould it into other useful things like plant pots, tiles, building materials and anything else you can possibly dream up. It’s my job to come up with ideas of what we could/will make with the machines.

Indi modelling one of our designs. Our Mum, who is a cartoonist has drawn all the designs in the store with all profits going toward funding our plastic recycling machines and projects. Check it out: https://sarahsteenland.threadless.com/

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