Instead of Eating Jellyfish, the Sea Turtles are Eating Plastic Bags!

Why do sea turtles eat plastic bags?

The consumption of plastic causes blockages within their digestive system and limits the sea turtle's ability to absorb and digest food.

However, ingesting plastic is not the only problem for turtles.

Abandoned fishing nets (ghost nets) in the ocean entangle sea turtles which cause deaths such as drowning or starvation.

Plastics littering our beaches at key nesting sites affects the path of mother and baby turtles finding their way to and from the ocean.

All sea turtle species are classified as ENDANGERED.

Ocean plastic trash is the sea turtles’ greatest threat.

Let’s do our part to reduce plastic pollution by reducing and recycling single-use items, in turn helping protect sea turtles from plastic debris in the sea. Or, you can volunteer at turtle conservation sites such as Perhentian Turtle Project or SeaTru to learn and help save sea turtles from extinction.

The Sea Monkey Project upcycle plastic into our Sea Turtle pendant.

Save our seas with the perfect ethical souvenir to support sea turtles and healthy oceans.