How the Plastic Recycling Machines Work

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Ahoy! Check out our first set of plastic recycling machines! Skipper (Carlos) and Sydney did an awesome job building, wiring and sourcing all the essential parts by following the Precious Plastic online blueprints to guide them.

Syd doing her best 'Ocean Plastic Super Hero' pose with the machines.

Below: This very sleek looking set of plastic recycling machines is bound for Jersey Island, UK and will be touring around the Island with Plastic Free Jersey.

Sarah Steenland added the custom toons to the tabletop, complete with Plastic Free Jersey branding.

The all-on-one table configuration was chosen for a number of reasons:

1. To make it easier and cheaper to ship

2. So it's easier to transport to schools, festivals and other events for educational demonstrations.

3. It's a great workstation where the user can move between each machine quickly

and easily.

4. It looks super rad!

Another two machines are currently being built and should be up and running in Malaysia by November 2018.

We are hearing about all the cool things they want to create. We also have a list of things we would like to make with our own set of machines and are in the process of getting molds manufactured.

Stay tuned!

The Sea Monkey Crew

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