Collecting Ocean Bound Plastics in Tioman Island before it washes out to the sea.

While it is tough to say exactly how much plastic is in the ocean, scientists estimated about 8 million metric tons of plastic entered the ocean every year, according to a study in 2015.

That’s the same as one truck of 5 tons of plastics dumped into the ocean EVERY MINUTE.

Or the size of an amount of 70000 blue whales yearly in the ocean 🤯

Can you imagine that?

The impacts of ocean plastic on the marine ecosystem are devastating.

Where do all these ocean plastics come from?

According to Jenna Jambeck’s 2015 article in Science, she uncovered that the vast majority of ocean plastic originates within 50 kilometres of the world’s coastlines. Even though it is a tiny fraction of the total global landmass, it is home to two billion people who have over the generations built their cities, fishing villages, and livelihoods close to the ocean.

The mismanagement of plastic waste inside this 50 kilometres area, results in “Ocean Bound Plastic”.

As one of the alternatives to turn off the tap on ocean plastic, The Sea Monkey Project is collecting Ocean Bound Plastics from island communities throughout Malaysia before it washes out to the sea.

With your support, The Sea Monkey Project can cover the costs of collecting and removing 25KG per bag of Ocean Bound Plastics from these communities and transporting it to a certified Ocean Bound Plastic recycler in Malaysia.

Support us here.

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