Be Aware! And Try to Avoid These Plastic Criminals

These plastic repeat offenders are still on the loose! Rampaging Messing up the environment and causing mayhem in our Oceans. If you see these plastic criminals pictured below, make sure to be aware of what they can get up to if they break out into the environment and above all, try to avoid using them!

This Slimy character has been spotted all over and has a bad reputation of getting stuck in turtle nostrils. NOT COOL! But there is good news, the plastic single use straw is easily avoided. All you need to do is ask for "no straw please" when ordering and... if you need one, bring your own steel reusable straw.

This plastic criminal has been living a double life for decades. On the bright side she has managed to bring clean water to many who don't have access to clean and safe drinking water. But this Aqua Queen also has a darker side. When used and discarded, she often ends up being washed into waterways and finally breaking up into smaller pieces in the Ocean and on beaches around the world. Use water filters on taps and keep your own refillable water bottle with you to keep the Aqua Queen out of trouble.

There is no nice way of putting this, but Bill (the plastic) Bag is one bad dude! Because he is so lightweight and sneaky he can escape all attempts to keep him locked up. He can easily blow out of trash bins and bust out of landfill sites to hitch a ride on the wind and land somewhere pretty so he can mess it up. Bill Bag wants to be free at all costs. He will evade all attempts to keep him contained or recycled. His main goal is to wreak havoc by smothering plants and corals and choke wildlife on land and in the sea. We can all do our bit to make sure no more new Bill Bags are being made. This needs us to speak up to local governments and supermarkets to have them banned.

Gangster Food Rappers - or less fun 'Wrappers' are probably the trickiest to refuse and avoid. How else can we get our snacks and other food supplies delivered to us all nice and fresh and packed up nice, colourful and hip? The solution to this dilemma is choose your snacks wisely! look beyond the cool bright packaging and go back to basics. There are many (tasty) foods that come in their own natural packaging. Food like bananas, oranges, pineapples, melons, nuts and even vegetables (yes, veggies make great snacks). The trick is to make sure they are not bagged with plastic when you purchase them or your good intentions were for nothing.

Aaah Sweet Soda girl. All she wants to do is have fun by floating about in the ocean currents or spend lazy days on the beach soaking up the sun rays. Sounds harmless enough right? The problem is she can't handle too much sun exposure and the ocean weathers her skin from the constant motion. So she ends up breaking into smaller pieces then into micro plastics which are then eaten by all sorts of sea creatures that makes them sick to death. Literally. If you can't break up with Sweet Soda, then try her cousin 'Sweet Soda Can' who gets into less trouble.

The Single use cup looks so innocent. She is the master of disguise, sometimes she appears as a paper cup that wouldn't hurt a fly and other times she appears as a toxic leeching polystyrene cup. Either way she's bad news. She almost always has a plastic lining on the inside and no matter how clever she disguises herself she is never recycled. She also loves to wear hats that are also not recyclable. No matter how pretty she thinks she is, she isn't kept around for long. Like her other single use accomplices, she is tossed away and if she can't escape in time - ends up being buried alive in a landfill.