3-in-1 Plastic Recycling Machines

3-in-1 Plastic Recycling Machine at The Sea Monkey Project
We are really proud of our Dad. He designs and manufacturers these cool mobile Upcycling machines for communities, organizations, and individuals around the world. These machines allow you to put low-value waste plastic in one end and obtain cool high-value stuff out of the other.
They are compact, easy to operate and maintain. He has made a lot, and can make one for you to suit your needs.
Packages he can provide include:

  • Standard Machines or built to special order
  • ​Custom mould sets to make a huge range of things from Waste Plastic
  • ​Training manuals and Videos to help get you started

If you are interested in investigating these machines or things they can make, please click on the loop2cycle website link here.
( loop2cycle is Dad's manufacturing and distribution company)
3-in-1 Plastic Recycling Machine with injection, extrusion, and shredder at The Sea Monkey Project
3-in-1 Plastic Recycling Machine manufactured in Malaysia at The Sea Monkey Project

Machine set tabletop graphics can be customised to suit your specific needs.

Transporting plastic recycling machine to an island community with Fuze Ecoteer at The Sea Monkey Project in Malaysia

A machine set being loaded onto a ferry bound for Pangkor Island, Malaysia.  

Blue recycled plastic turns into sea turtle pendant from a mould

Custom made mould for injection machine. This turtle mould was created for The Perhentian Islands ocean plastic cleanup campaign. The mould is made from recycled aluminium cans. The Island group on the East Coast of Malaysia is famous for its turtle population.


The Leatherback design was created as a reminder of the now extinct population that visited the Perhentian waters and beaches. We sell these necklaces via our store to raise money for ocean plastic solutions and education.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Ocean plastic recycling with Sydney Steenland, an environmentalist young changemaker that educates people about ocean plastic crisis

This is one of Dad's earlier machines, all boxed for transport with minimal packing material.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Some of the machines Dad has built, in use around the world
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