About The Sea Monkey Project

We are The Sea Monkeys - a family of four, sailing and living aboard our 41ft Morgan Out Island monohull yacht called 'Sea Monkey' since 2014. From right to left: Carlos the Skipper/ project manager, Sarah the cartoonist, Sydney the ocean conservationist & founder of the Sea Monkey Project and last but not least, Indi the film maker.

SY Sea Monkey - 41ft Morgan Out Island. Our mobile home, office and sanctuary. 

As part of Sydney and Indi’s project based learning, we created The Sea Monkey Project. Through much research and many conversations with locals throughout South East Asia, we came up with the idea of building plastic recycle machines using the Precious Plastic open source blueprints and set these up in towns and villages throughout South East Asia.
Our goal is to create cottage industries using the plastics that would usually end up in the ocean. These cottage industries will not only provide an income from sales of products but cleans up the local environment and also will help educate locals on reducing the amount of single use plastics. 
Roles each Sea Monkey plays in this social business:
Sydney Steenland 
Founder of The Sea Monkey Project. Sydney helps construct the machines and promotes the project through presentations, talks and on social media. We're very proud of Syd for her recent presentation to the employees of American Express on Pangkor Island, Malaysia. 
Indi Steenland 
Animator, film director and editor.
Carlos Steenland 
Chief machine builder.
Sarah Steenland 
Cartoonist and produces our ocean plastic education material (mostly in the form of fun comics and games). 

So many Islands covered in so much plastic!

How the plastic recycling machines work.  To see them in action visit PreciousPlastic.com 

Sydney wiring the electrical equipment for an extrusion machine, guided by Dad (Skipper). 

Some of the products we've made using our injection and extrusion machines.  

Upcycling Machines 
The Sea Monkey Project design and build mobile 3-in-1 plastic recycling machines for communities, organizations, and individuals around the world. Our standard configuration includes machines for plastic shredding, injecting, and extruding, conveniently organized on one table top. The compact design is easy to operate and maintain with minimal training.
Since 2018, we’ve placed 25 machines in 8 countries, including 4 machines located in our Community Project Sites, here in Malaysia.
If you are interested in ordering a set of machines, want find out how to sponsor a set for a community or donate to one of our initiatives - 
contact us and we'll be happy to work with you. 
We also work with businesses & brands to come up with projects 
and initiatives to fit individual CSR budgets.  
Fair winds and plastic-free seas!
- The Sea Monkeys
Supporters & partners
Phone : +60 12 569 1279
Email : contact@seamonkeyproject.com
S-02-15, Impian Meridian Commerz Shop,
Jalan Subang 1, USJ 1, 47600,
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